Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel Ferrari 458 Italia Edition

by Thrustmasters
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NEW! Exclusive to the Xbox One, the TX Ferrari 458 Italia Edition racing wheel features a two-piece setup featuring a replica steering wheel and a base with the gas and brake pedal. Both the pedals and the wheel are made to look just like the real deal inside a Ferrari 458 Italia at about 70 percent of the size. Because the wheel works with the Xbox One, it's designed to work seamlessly with any Xbox One or PC car racing game. In fact, Thrustmaster engineered the wheel to work with several add-ons and accessories to maximize your gaming experience, although only the wheel and set of pedals are required to enjoy a realistic racing experience on your console or desktop. Real-time feedback vibrates throughout the wheel as well, allowing drivers to respond and change their in-game course accordingly.
Product Identifiers
Brand Thrustmaster
Model TX Ferrari 458 Italia Edition
MPN 4469016
UPC 663296419286
Release Date 2013
Key Features
Type Racing Wheel
Platform Microsoft Xbox One, PC
Technical Features
Connectivity Wireless